Insects Are a Lot Like Us

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Aug 10, 2022

Like us, insects are parents, siblings, homemakers, farmers, community members, and innovators. Like us, they can be resourceful, insightful, decisive, and prone to copy their peers.

As we continue to energize more people to act on behalf of insects, these similarities matter. The stories and struggles of insects can help us to recognize their inherent value.

Insects Are a Lot Like Us

Senior Pollinator Conservation Specialist Sarah Foltz Jordan first came across Xerces through an issue of Wings magazine. She was hooked: “What drew me in were the fantastic photographs and stories about obscure insects with behaviors that are sometimes so bizarre (like tortoise beetle larvae carrying their own excrement above their head all day to deter predators!), and sometimes so familiar (like leafcutter bees creating bedrooms for their offspring, and with lovely wallpaper, even!). All of these years later, I still find it wonderful that there are so many ways we humans can relate to insects.”  Learn More

In Search of the Elusive Northern Forestfly
In a race against climate change as it warms high alpine streams, Xerces’ Candace Fallon describes the ongoing hunt for the northern forestfly. Cold-adapted alpine species like the northern forestfly are particularly threatened by extinction due to their patchy distributions, limited dispersal abilities, and reliance on cold water habitats. Fortunately, the increased survey efforts that Xerces and our partners have undertaken over the last few years have resulted in a larger than previously known range and distribution of this species. Read More
Attracting Native Pollinators

Learn how to protect pollinators in your community. Attracting Native Pollinators offers the latest understanding on creating and managing pollinator habitat. Illustrated with hundreds of color photographs and dozens of specially created illustrations, this book will help you make room for the pollinators that you love. Read More

Upcoming Events

Xerces’ online short course for soil health and pest management, Farming with Soil Life, returns on August 24. Then on August 25, join Xerces’ Community Engagement team for an exploration of various ways to spread the word about pollinator conservation and how to get your community more involved, in the third webinar of our Bring Back the Pollinator series.

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Banner photo: Clay Bolt
Body photo: Candace Fallon, XS
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