Nature-Based Climate Solutions Address Climate Change and Support Pollinators

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September 14, 2021

Nature-based climate solutions are actions that help to address climate change while also protecting biodiversity. These solutions help to mitigate climate change by increasing carbon sequestration services by the plants and soil in those ecosystems. They also protect and enhance nature to help ecosystems adapt to a changing climate. It is time for us all to understand more about climate change and take whatever actions we can to reduce our impact on the planet.
Climate News: Nature-Based Climate Solutions Address Climate Change and Support Pollinators

Habitat restoration can contribute to countering climate change. Native trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses increase carbon sequestration, while also providing habitat for butterflies and bees. Read More

Upcoming Webinar – Biological Control in Urban Parks: A Study in Bogotá, Sept. 23rd

Join Paola Olaya Arenas, a postdoctoral fellow at Institute Alexander von Humboldt, as she talks about her research on insect pests and natural enemies in Bogotá. Her work has parallels for encouraging beneficial insects in parks and gardens everywhere. Paola was one of our DeWind Award recipients in 2016 for her studies of the pesticide risk exposure of monarch butterflies inhabiting agricultural land in Indiana. She has since moved to work at the Institute Alexander von Humboldt, which focuses its research on biodiversity restoration and conservation in Colombia. Learn more about this event

Insecticide Seed Treatments Threaten Midwestern Waterways

Midwestern waterways are alive with beneficial invertebrates, but these essential species are threatened by a wide variety of contaminants. Xerces has just released a fact sheet that explores how the ubiquitous use of seed treatments affects water quality throughout the Midwest, and the findings are sobering for our aquatic ecosystems. Read More

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Banner photo: Purplish copper (Lycaena helloides) at the Dos Rios site in the San Joaquin Valley. By Angela Laws / The Xerces Society.
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