Gardeners and homeowners are uniquely positioned to help protect pollinators

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August 24, 2021

Gardeners and homeowners are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact in supporting pollinators in their landscape. Recent research has indicated pollinators may be faring better in urban and suburban environments where they are protected from the widespread use of pesticides and monocultures found in agricultural lands. While habitat fragmentation and pesticide use are also of concern in suburban and urban environments, residents can directly make changes to their yards, parks, and community gardens, and work with neighbors and community leaders to create habitat and adopt pollinator-friendly practices. As you work to add habitat to your community, ensure that you are purchasing bee-safe plants by talking to your nursery about their pest management practices. If you need help, check out our guide to buying bee-safe friendly plants.
Pollinator Conservation Program Digest

In this month’s Pollinator Team Digest, Jessa Kay Cruz recounts the hard work needed to track down sources of native plant seeds in the hills of California’s East Bay region and Stephanie Frischie describes the work done on our Soil Life initiative. Read More

Local Pest Challenges Spur Local Solutions in New Hampshire

Farmers in New Hampshire face challenges with pest management, made worse for berry growers by the arrival of a non-native fruit fly. Xerces’ Alina Harris is working with growers, agencies, and university extension staff to find solutions that minimize pesticide use. Read More

Thousands have signed the pledge to protect pollinators. Will you join them?

The pollinator protection pledge is based on four simple principles: Grow pollinator-friendly flowers, provide nest sites, avoid pesticides, and spread the word. These core values can be adapted to any location, whether you tend an urban community garden or a suburban yard, work in a city park or on a farm.

Sign the pledge and get your habitat sign today! Signs are available in our Gift Center for a donation.

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