Understanding the Food-Climate Connection This Earth Day

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Dear Dennis,

At A Greener World, we focus on empowering sustainable solutions in agriculture. Our mission is to certify farms and businesses producing sustainable products, provide them with free marketing and technical assistance, help shoppers support these farmers through their purchasing power, and communicate our deep appreciation for the hard work done by sustainable farmers around the world with our networks. As you take part in Earth Day this year, we are asking you to invest in our work to build a greener world.

As each Earth Day comes and goes, we learn more about the various causes and impacts of climate change. To some, Earth Day may just be another day on the calendar. But as the impact of climate change on our lives is becoming increasingly evident, we know we have just a small window of time to address this crisis.

The way we farm and eat can have a profoundly positive impact on the planet we share. Here are just a few highlights made possible by support from people like you:

  • Expanding regenerative farming, with products from Certified Regenerative by AGW farms and brands carried at over 1,000 retailers nationwide.
  • Working to explicitly include climate change as a factor in AGW standards for farm planning.
  • Joining with our partners at RAFI-USA and Soil Health Institute to offer subsidized regenerative certification to underserved producers through an upcoming USDA Climate-Smart Commodities grant.

Your actions truly help to build a high-welfare and transparent, sustainable food future for our planet.

If you’d like to make a donation towards a sustainable future, please consider giving a gift to A Greener World. You can Invest In Farms That Invest In Our Planet here. If you’ve already donated, we sincerely thank you for helping to build a greener world with us.

With appreciation this Earth Day,
P.S. If you want to double your impact, share this email with others who care, or share our new video highlighting AGW’s family of certifications with your social networks.
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