This Earth Week, Take Action for Insects

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April 19, 2023

Insects Are Wildlife, Too
“When I was a kid, I would walk a couple blocks from my house to a little area that did not yet have houses and spend my days searching for lizards, turning over rocks to find a nest of ants or watching a caterpillar munch on a plant,” writes Xerces Director Scott Black. “I did not think of the difference between watching a bird or a bumble bee or catching a snake or a monarch butterfly – they were all wildlife to me.”

It seems impossible to imagine a world without our most biodiverse group of animals, insects. Yet in several states, state laws still do not define monarch butterflies, bumble bees and other insects as wildlife, and this can make conservation of these animals much more difficult.

This Earth Week, we want to put insects back where they belong: in the center of our conversations about biodiversity and a healthy planet, including in state policy. We invite you to join us in our goal to make sure insects are recognized as wildlife in every state.
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Without State-Level Protection, These Invertebrates Face an Uncertain Future
Meet nine of our favorite invertebrates in need of protection. Each hails from a state that currently does not define all insects as wildlife, meaning that state wildlife agencies are unable to plan and manage habitat for their protection. At the Xerces Society, we are working with state partners to change that and protect these amazing animals for years to come. Read More
Ways to Defend Biodiversity this Earth Week
Did you know? More than 94% of the world’s animal species are spineless. That means protecting invertebrates is synonymous with defending biodiversity. And since our ecosystems are interdependent, invertebrate conservation also helps plants, wildlife and humans alike. 

We’ve put together several high-impact actions that you can take to protect biodiversity this week. Earth Week only comes once a year, so make your participation count! Read More

Earth Day Gifts

Our pollinator-perfect gifts come with one year of membership to the Xerces Society, meaning that your contribution will further empower us to protect our planet’s invertebrates. Visit the Gift Center

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