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Dear Dennis,

Today is Climate Day at Expo West. While climate change affects us constantly in ways large and small (whether we think about it or not), today is a great opportunity to look at the relationship between food and climate—and to find good reason for hope and action. This week, our team is in Anaheim, CA at Natural Products Expo West (the major natural foods tradeshow, where Climate Day is held with the Climate Collaborative). We look forward to talking about sustainable solutions in agriculture with folks at the show, and wanted to invite our wider network into the conversation, too.

More About Food and Climate
At A Greener World, we’re all about solutions. What we grow and eat has an incredible impact on our climate and environment, and that impact can be positive or negative. We exist to support farmers making positive impacts, and to help people find their products. Too often, farming as a whole gets a bad rap because of industrial agriculture—but there’s more than one way to produce food! Here are a few resources from AGW on how sustainable farming is an essential part of our future, the dangers of getting distracted with silver bullet “solutions,” and the importance of rooting sustainability on the farm:

If You’re At Expo West…
Come say “Hi”! Callie Casteel will be tabling at Climate Day (check your program for details) and excited to meet friends new and old. We’ll also be making the rounds during the tradeshow to support AGW-certified farms and businesses (including Truly Grassfed, Zeal Creamery, and more) and sharing how high-welfare, pasture-based farming benefits us all. You can also join us virtually by following along on the social links below.

Fresh Off the Press
While regenerative label claims are popping up everywhere, Certified Regenerative by AGW is one of the few verified labels that actually measures emissions—and supports farms in reducing them. Learn more about our newest certification, the Certified Regenerative by AGW farms supplying Zack’s Mighty Tortilla Chips, and find out what all the buzz is about in the latest issue of The Organic and Non-GMO Report (March/April 2023, subscription required).
There’s a growing understanding that agriculture has a vital part to play in a climate-resilient future (in fact, some of our friends and colleagues are in Washington, DC today rallying to lift up that exact message ahead of the next U.S. Farm Bill). So, on this Climate Day, we thank you—producer and eater alike—for believing in a better food future and working with us to get there.

Emily Moose
Executive Director
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