How AGW Certifications Earn Your Trust

And Why it Matters
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Dear Dennis,

Next time you’re grocery shopping, take a look around and notice the endless sea of label claims. Whether they’re promising health, humane treatment, sustainability, value-for-money or something else, all are trying to convince you, the shopper, that your purchase will have an impact. But which labels do you trust? With countless terms and claims, it can be a daunting task to decipher which we can rely on, and which are just meaningless greenwashing. And if you’re considering paying a premium—no matter how small—or choosing between two equally priced items with competing claims, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Even with all the food label confusion out there, there are labels you can trust. To help demystify the biggest differences between label claims, we wanted to share three things we do at A Greener World to earn trust in this confusing space.

#1. We’re Actually Going on Farm
Did you know that most label claims aren’t verified in any way? As an independent nonprofit certifier, A Greener World audits every farm or business according to publicly available standards, providing boots-on-the-ground confirmation of compliance.

#2. We’re Internationally Accredited
A Greener World’s core certification programs are backed by AGW’s ISO/IEC Guide 17065 accreditation, guaranteeing consistency, reliability, independence and impartiality in all aspects of our certification process.

#3. We’re Consistently Recommended by Independent Consumer Groups
Trusted consumer groups regularly evaluate A Greener World’s certifications and confirm their well-earned reputation.

How AGW Certifications Earn Your Trust
While every food label is different, the qualities above are good signs—and indicators of transparency and accountability. Our goal as a certifier is to help cut through confusion by providing trustworthy, reliable food labels that mean what they say. We do what we do so that farmers, ranchers and food businesses have trusted labels that help to convey their management practices, and so shoppers have labels they can trust to find products that match their values. Learn more about our certifications, find AGW-certified products, or let us know how we can be a resource.

Towards a greener world,

Katie Amos
Director of Communications and Outreach

PS. Level up your food label knowledge even more through our handy guide, Food Labels Exposed!

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