Winter Activities for the Season Ahead

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January 25, 2022

For much of the world, winter time brings a pause to our outdoor activities, be those gardening, farming, or just poking about in nature. That makes it the perfect time to read up or gather with like-minded invertebrate enthusiasts to plan and dream for the season ahead. We’ve shared a few ideas below that we think are top notch, and hope to see you there.
The Xerces Society and the Pollinator Friendly Alliance will co-host a 3-day, virtual Best Practices for Pollinators Summit this March 7-9. Attendees will hear the latest on ecologically sound land stewardship practices that promote pollinators, including practical tips for habitat installation, soil health, pollinator biology, and much more.
Xerces Executive Director Scott Black will kick off the event with a talk about pollinator conservation in the face of climate change. You’ll also learn about native bee nesting biology from Xerces’ Sarah Foltz Jordan and Leif Richardson and pesticide reduction strategies from Xerces’ Aaron Anderson. Learn More and Register
Cozy Up with Wintertime Reading for Nature Lovers

This is the perfect time of year to read, study, and plan for the spring and summer seasons. The Xerces Society’s pesticide prevention team put together some of our favorite books for readers interested in learning more about invertebrate conservation and alternative pest control, as well as books that touch on the wonder of the natural world. We even added a few favorites for kids! Hopefully these keep you company until you emerge in the spring. Read More

Managing Forests for Pollinators at Branch Hill Farm

When we think of pollinator habitat, what often comes to mind is a prairie-style meadow and open landscapes. Yet recent research has highlighted the importance of bee habitat and caterpillar use within forests and on feathered edges.

Landowners with wooded areas can tap in to protecting this diversity of forest specialists by managing what is already there — releasing remnant tree, shrub, and understory plants that provide valuable habitat for pollinators. That’s what Branch Hill Farm in Milton Mills, New Hampshire has done. Read More

Have a birthday, anniversary, or special event coming up?

Now with Xerces’ new peer-to-peer giving feature, you can celebrate these special days by raising funds to support your favorite invertebrates. Start your fundraiser today; it just takes a few minutes! The “little things that run the world” will thank you.

Learn more

Upcoming Events

Join Kass Urban-Mead this Thursday, January 26 for an adventure exploring how wild bees use the woods, from the leafy forest floor to the tippy top of the canopy. Then on February 2, Xerces’ Aaron Anderson will present on Encouraging Beneficial Insects, Spiders & Mini-Creatures in your garden, and how this can help prevent pest outbreaks.

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