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January 11, 2022

If there’s one thing invertebrates excel at, it’s creating big changes through many small actions. Tunnel by tunnel and flower by flower, they engineer entire landscapes and make life on Earth possible.

It’s a lesson with special resonance at the start of a new year, as we reflect on ways to grow anew, one step at a time. Turn off the lights at night. Write a letter to the editor. Talk to your workplace or HOA about pollinator-friendly landscaping. There are as many ways to create change as there are, well, invertebrates on the planet!

New Year’s Resolutions that Will Benefit Nature,

Wildlife and Invertebrates

Start your year out right with a resolution that will make you feel inspired, empowered, and joyful! We’ve polled Xerces Society staff to compose a list of realistic and measurable new year’s resolution ideas that will benefit invertebrates, wildlife, nature, and you. 

Whether you shine brightest as a super gardener, an intrepid explorer, or a community leader, there’s a role for everyone to play in making 2023 a safe and abundant year for invertebrates. Learn More

Member Noah Raven’s Empathy for Monarch Butterflies is Contagious

At 12 years old, Noah Raven is a Xerces member doing incredible work to engage others to help protect monarch butterflies. This young man is the founder of Monarch Defenders, a non-profit with the mission “to save the monarchs from extinction, one garden at a time.”

“We realized that creating habitat is something we could do,” says Noah. “But to be impactful, lots of people, all across their migratory range need to do the same thing.” Read More

Supporting Pollinators at the People’s Garden of Portland, Oregon

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recognizes small-scale agricultural projects that benefit their communities as “People’s Gardens.” When the Portland People’s Garden became official this past summer (ribbon cutting ceremony pictured above), the Xerces Society worked with partners to establish pollinator and beneficial insect habitat around the garden and orchard. As USDA continues their urban agricultural initiative and Xerces expands to new states and cities, we look forward to the new opportunities ahead to work with urban gardens to bring pollinator habitat to cities across America. Learn More

Upcoming Events

Winter is a great time to catch Xerces speakers at number of upcoming conferences, including the EcoFarm Conference, the Marbleseed Organic Farming Conference, and the National Native Seed Conference.

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Banner photo: Corin Pease, Xerces Society

Body photo: Noah Raven and family

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