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We have opportunities for you to do what you love and make a difference for people and wildlife!
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Careers in Wildlife Services

Solving Problems Every Day for People and Wildlife

Do you have a passion for wildlife conservation? Do you enjoy solving problems? Are you looking for the career of a lifetime? A position with Wildlife Services might be for you!

Wildlife Services is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Our experts provide national leadership for resolving conflicts between people and wildlife. Our work protects U.S. agriculture, natural resources, property and infrastructure, and human health and safety.

We work across the country to reduce damage and conflict between wildlife and people in cities and suburbs, in the mountains and on the plains, along our coastlines, and everywhere in between. When there’s a wildlife disease outbreak or a wildlife-related emergency that threatens aviation, endangered species, or agriculture, we’re the ones federal, state, and local agencies contact for help.

Our team is diverse. We are wildlife biologists, environmental analysts, pilots, program managers, researchers, and chemists. Our experts have degrees in biology, biological sciences, ecology, natural resource management, wildlife and fisheries biology, wildlife management, and zoology, among other things.

Wildlife Services offers opportunities for you to do what you love and make a difference for people and wildlife!

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