Looking for an exciting internship? Check out APHIS’ Career Experience Program!

Gain valuable experience and jump start your career with APHIS!
United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Marcus Jones, Program Specialist Hello! My name is Marcus Jones, and I’m a Program Specialist with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). I want to tell you about an outstanding opportunity for students to gain invaluable experience and jump start their career goals. It’s called the APHIS Career Experience Program.

APHIS Career Experience Program

Group of smiling diverse people in an office environment.APHIS’ Career Experience (ACE) Program aims to attract the best and brightest college talent into various disciplines within APHIS. Students who intern with APHIS will be hired as part of a cohort. This cohort will support your development and offer you various engagement and development opportunities throughout your experience. These can include group assignments, learning events, meetings, webinars, or other activities designed to enhance your professional growth and skill levels throughout the duration of the program.

A few things to keep in mind — you must:

  • Have completed at least 60 credits (This is a qualifier for the GS-4 level.)
  • Work at least 16 hours per week during the school year (The exact schedule is negotiable depending on the student’s academic schedule.)

The search for ACE interns will pull from many disciplines to support scientific, administrative, and other professional careers. The official announcement will be posted on USAJobs.gov in the next few days and will contain more specifics. Interested students should visit USAJobs.gov and create their profile today, and then set up a search for APHIS Pathways opportunities. Also, stay tuned for more details and the upcoming announcement.

For tips on creating a USAJobs profile, check out this article: USAJOBS Help Center | How to create a profile. To set up an APHIS search and automatically receive internship and employment postings, see USAJOBS Help Center | How to search by keyword.

For more information about APHIS, visit our Careers site.