Registration Open! BEES Academy Offers Training for Experienced Beekeepers

The Chatham County Center of N.C. Cooperative Extension is teaming up again with the NC State University Apiculture Program to offer the popular Beekeeper Education Engagement System (BEES) Academy on September 16-17, 2022. This course is aimed at beekeepers with a few years of experience wanting to increase their beekeeping knowledge and know-how. 

Past participants have told us their understanding of not only WHAT and HOW, but WHY we should take certain actions with our bees has enabled their beekeeping practice to grow to the next level. This course involves a commitment to two days attending videotaped and live lectures followed by Q & A sessions, including the second day with hands-on practice and demonstrations of beekeeping techniques by members of the beekeeping and university communities. 

The cost is $175 per person for the full two-day training. Refreshments, lunch, and training materials will be provided on both days. Participants will also receive a BEES Academy t-shirt. 

Topics that will be covered include: 

  • Honey bee anatomy 
  • Division of labor & bee behavior 
  • Queens, drones, and mating 
  • Diseases, parasites, and disorders 
  • Advanced management techniques 
  • Varroa integrated pest management 
  • Pollinator plants 
  • Africanized honey bees 

Date and Location: 

September 16-17, 2022 

Chatham County Agriculture & Conference Center 

Pittsboro, NC 

For convenience. officials from the NC State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA) will be present to conduct written and practical testing for the Master Beekeeper Program on the last day following training. This testing is optional for members of the NCSBA. If you are interested in taking a test you must pre-register separately with the NCSBA by emailing 

The first day of the course will meet from 10 a.m.–4:30 p.m. The second day will be from 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m (folks who are interested in participating in the Master Beekeeper testing will stay until 5:15 p.m.). 

Click here to register for the 2022 BEES Academy

If you have any questions about this course please call 919-513-3967 or email