Regenerative Farming Program Launched by AGW!

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Photo credit: Challacombe Farm in Yelverton, UK
Dear Dennis,

Exciting news from the team at A Greener World ­— the Certified Regenerative by AGW program is now open to farms and businesses and accepting applications!
In case you missed it (or are a new subscriber) here are 5 ways regenerative farming benefits us all:

  • Healthy soils. Minimizing erosion and managing nutrients, soil biodiversity and carbon sequestration helps plants and animals thrive—and grows healthier food.
  • Clean water. Testing water quality and using practices that keep harmful chemicals and fertilizers out of our waterways helps keep water clean for neighbors downstream.
  • Clean air and lower emissions. Baseline assessments help farms maximize air quality and minimize fossil fuels.
  • Animal welfare. Happy, healthy animals that live on pasture are an essential part of the restored ecosystem as they graze, naturally fertilize, and help store carbon in the soil to mitigate global warming.
  • Biodiversity. Having a wide variety and diversity of plants, animals, insects and more ensures the balance of life is preserved and makes our ecosystems more resilient.

Truly regenerative farming, like the practices certified by A Greener World, ensures continuous, measurable improvements in all these areas and more. If we care about our planet, our food, and each other, we should care about regenerative agriculture.

So now that AGW’s Certified Regenerative program has launched…what does this mean for you?
We would love your help in asking your favorite brands to get certified. Just contact us with the name of a farm, brand, or product that you think aligns with our Certified Regenerative by AGW program, and we’ll reach out!

We look forward to sharing more good news as we add Certified Regenerative farms to our online directory. Until then, learn more about our newest label, Certified Regenerative by AGW.

Towards a greener world,
Katie Amos
Communications and Outreach Manager
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