This Earth Week, We’re Finding Climate Hope

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April 19, 2022

This Earth Week, We’re Finding
Hope on the Climate Crisis
At Xerces, we work day in and day out to make the environment safer for invertebrates. Some of the levers of change feel like they’re in easy reach, like planting a new pollinator garden. But there are other challenges that at first look so complicated, so “out there”, it can feel hard to believe we’ve got a shot at budging the status quo.

That’s why for this Earth Week, we’re taking a closer look at climate change and how it intersects with the work of protecting biodiversity. From water use to agriculture, from home gardens to working lands, there are many steps that can lead us to a more hopeful and biodiverse future.

In the Face of Climate Change, First: Have Hope

Xerces Climate Change Lead Angela Laws knows a thing or two about climate resilience, whether it’s for an on-the-ground project or simply a change in perspective. In Xerces’ first blog this week, Angela shares what she’s learned about climate hope with insights from two leaders in the field, Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.

It turns out that finding some simple ways to take action helps us to feel more empowered, and as we talk with others about what we’re doing and why, we can inspire them to join us. Read More

Conserving Desert Pollinators and Water in the Face of Climate Change
One of the most immediate and tangible ways we can prepare for climate change as individuals is to restore native habitat. This not only builds a greater buffer for plants and animals to survive changing conditions, but makes our own gardens and landscapes more prepared to withstand drier or wetter, hotter or colder weather.

While it will take everyone to stop rising temperatures at a global scale, Xerces’ Southwest Pollinator Conservation Specialist Kaitlin Haase finds hope in the cultivation of little patches of earth throughout Santa Fe hosting pollinator habitat kits. Learn More

Upcoming Events

This Thursday April 21, Join Emilie Blevins of the Xerces Society at the Aquatic Species Restoration Plan (ASRP) Symposium to learn about freshwater mussel distribution and die-offs in the Chehalis Basin of Washington.

Register and view more upcoming events on the Xerces events page. Learn More

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