X Kids – An Adventure Awaits

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February 23, 2022

Does anything beat the thrill of discovery? Many of us enjoy fond memories of exploring parks, creeks, and empty lots, of finding an ant citadel in a crack on the sidewalk, or of turning over a new leaf (no pun intended) to find a new insect waving back at us.

The spaces and greenways between our homes are ripe for exploration and imagination, particularly when we manage them to support a thriving community of invertebrate friends. We hope you enjoy the resources below to help families and communities turn a neighborhood walk into a celebration of biodiversity.

X Kids – An Adventure Awaits

The Xerces Society is excited to present X Kids, a new activity book to help children discover the wondrous world of invertebrates. Led by Blue, a lovable butterfly, X Kids uses storytelling and activities to help children explore the natural world and have fun along the way.

X Kids was designed for children in grades 3–5 and can be done individually, in a classroom, or in a group. The activity book is available in English and Spanish and does not require any materials beyond what can be found at home. We hope that you can help us spread the word about X Kids! Learn more

New Guidelines Support Creation Of Pollinator-Friendly Parks
To support the work being done by park managers across the country, the Xerces Society has recently released Pollinator-Friendly Parks: Enhancing Our Communities by Supporting Native Pollinators in Our Parks and Other Public Spaces. This is an updated and greatly expanded version of the 2008 release of Pollinator-Friendly Parks, chock full of information to help park managers plan and care for properties with pollinators and other insects in mind.

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Selecting Seeds for Working Lands

While designing a unique seed mix for restoration takes time, it can be well worth the extra effort. The right mix of plants can boost the long-term ecology and function of a landscape and can be particularly important for working lands – those with multiple uses like agroforestry, grazing and silvopasture. In this article, Farm Bill Pollinator Conservation Planner Karin Jokela describes making the perfect mix to balance the needs of bison and pollinators. Read More

Upcoming Events

This Thursday, February 24, learn more about the exciting work Xerces is doing to protect western monarchs in California with Xerces conservation biologists Emma Pelton and Angela Laws. They will talk about the status of western monarchs and discuss the work Xerces is doing with partners to create and protect monarch habitat in their overwintering and breeding grounds.

Register and view more upcoming events on the Xerces events page. Learn More

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