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Dear Dennis,

I hope this email finds you and your families safe, well and warm enough while many face some brutal winter storms on top of the standard cold sogginess. Weather aside, this can be a tough time of year in general, but especially for folks’ mental health. If you or someone you know feels down or overwhelmed, you’re not alone and there is help. The U.S. National Alliance on Mental Health has a 24-hour helpline at 800-950-6264 and Crisis Services Canada (Services de crises du Canada) has regional resources here. Please take care of yourselves—and each other—as we get to the other side of a long winter and a tough couple years. Know that our team cares deeply about you and the work that you do every single day, and please let us know if we can be a help in any way.

New AWA Egg Cartons Are Now Available
Building on feedback from our farmers and vendors, we recently redesigned our current egg carton label to make a stronger impact on-shelf. After months of valuable feedback from you all, we landed on two new versions of the AWA-branded egg cartons. One version features dark green colors, and the other version features bright blue colors, which are now available for purchase (one color per bundle please).
Featured Blog Post: Eat Play Shove
The very traits that help birds thrive on pasture can trigger calamity during the winter months. Understanding what is behind these behaviors can help you adapt poultry systems for winter wellness and bolster health and well-being during the milder months. Learn more from this blog post by Jennifer L. Burton DVM, originally published in Sustainable Farming magazine.

Featured Resource: Technical Advice Fact Sheet 17 – Age of Weaning Lambs
This technical paper examines the impact of different weaning ages on the welfare of ewes and lambs, the importance of good nutrition during lactation, and the impact of weaning age on lamb growth and productivity.

Strut Your (AGW) Stuff
Looking for a way to display your certification on store shelves, at farmers markets or other retail settings? AGW-branded shelf talkers and vinyl decals draw attention to your certified products. To learn more and place your order, visit AGW’s merchandise page

Updates From Your Peers
Please catch the latest press mentions about AGW-certified producers and the program below. This week,

  • Maine Biz features Copper Tail Farm in Waldoboro for their recent USDA grant award. Copper Tail Farm plans to use their grant to expand production, marketing and sales of their Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW goat milk cheeses, yogurts, soaps and cajeta, a thick caramel sauce made with goat’s milk.
  • Check out this BollyInside article showcasing John’s Farm in Fairview, OK as a trusted source for buying local Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW beef cattle.
  • Farm Progress highlights Straight Arrow Bison Ranch in Broken Bow, NE for their marketing efforts in providing Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Certified Grassfed by AGW bison directly to their customers.
  • Lye Cross Farm in Somerset, UK which produces Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Certified Grassfed by AGW cheese has their products in a new major retailer, per The Grocer.
Wishing you well in the week ahead,
Emily Moose
Executive Director
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