Could your “burger” come from a lab instead of a farm?

TODAY is the deadline to demand transparency from USDA
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Dear Dennis,

Would you want to know if the “beef” in your burger came from a lab instead of a farm? Time is running out to weigh in on whether or not food containing lab-grown “meat” should be labeled — or not!
As we say in our latest blog, we could soon be eating synthetic or lab-grown “meat” (also known as “cultured meat”) without even knowing it. It’s also possible (and, without your help, probable) that food companies could be allowed to use confusing and misleading label claims and terms — or even exactly the same label claims as they would for real meat and poultry — unless we all take action now.
Lab-grown “meat” — where animal muscle tissue is artificially created in laboratory-like conditions from animal stem cells bathed in nutrients and ‘growth factors’ — is being widely hailed as the sustainable future of meat production.
But despite the hype there are huge uncertainties in the scientific community about whether it’s possible to safely produce lab-grown “meat” due to real biosecurity and contamination risks. No-one even knows if it can be produced economically at any realistic scale or what the full environmental impacts will be. But we need to all act now.

The government agency responsible for food labeling — the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) — is currently seeking comments from the public — that means you! — to determine rules around the labeling of lab-grown protein products. But the deadline closes TODAY.
We’ve already submitted our comments and thank those of you who have, too. But it’s vital that we get as many voices as possible demanding transparency.
If you agree that lab-grown “meat” should be clearly labeled to avoid consumer confusion — and so we can all choose the kind of food and farming systems we want — read through our response and use it to submit your own comments to FSIS TODAY.
Thanks for using your voice for a more transparent food system — and please share widely!
Emily Moose
Executive Director

p.s. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated this #GivingTuesdaywe’re so grateful for your support, and the sustainable food and farming you help make possible!

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