Early signs of hope as monarch butterflies return to overwintering sights

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October 27, 2021

Signs of hope for western monarchs? Reports from overwintering sites in coastal California indicate western monarchs are returning in greater numbers than last year, with hundreds at some sites and thousands at others, giving hope for the struggling population. More than 9,000 monarchs have been recorded at a pair of sites that last year hosted less than 300 between them. Additional smaller estimates and observations from volunteers and the public have started to pour in from elsewhere, with numbers ranging from a few to dozens to hundreds, of monarchs. Altogether, there appear to be over 10,000 monarchs easily accounted for at the overwintering sites. This year’s official count has not yet begun (that starts in mid-November), yet these early reports signal the possibility of a rebound in numbers. Click here to read the complete press release.
The Merit of Mussels

Freshwater mussels share our rivers and enrich our natural and cultural connections. They keep streams clean, provide habitat for other invertebrates, and support fish populations. Despite their importance, they are among the most threatened groups of wildlife and eight species were recently declared extinct. Read More

Santa Fe Pollinator Habitat Kit Program Connects Pollinators and People

In Santa Fe, NM, Xerces is working with local partners to develop a city-wide Pollinator Trail focused on creating connected habitat through neighborhoods that lack greenspaces. In September, after months of planning and preparation, 350 habitat kits were distributed to residents and organizations. When many people come together around a common goal, small efforts can quickly add up to large-scale conservation. Read More

2020/2021 Annual Report

The Xerces Society is dedicated to protecting the natural world through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. We aim to be transparent in our work and keep you informed on all we have accomplished. Please read the special 50th anniversary addition of our annual report. Read More

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