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Photo Credit: High Meadows Farm in Delhi, NY
Dear Dennis,

This week, we’re sharing recent announcements from the USDA, a timely article about the future of lab grown “meat,” and showing off our brand new greeting cards (just in time for the holidays!). We also kicked off an online series that helps consumers know how they can get involved in building A Greener World (stay tuned for posts around #SustainabilityDay next Wednesday and beyond). If you’re so inclined, we’d love for you to like, comment and share any posts with your customer base and networks. Hope you’re having a good Fall so far, and if we can be of help to your farm, ranch or business in any way, please get in touch.
Pandemic Relief Aid for Farmers
The Pandemic Response and Safety (PRS) Grant Program provides grants to specialty crop producers and processors, other select producers, meat and other processors, distributors, and farmers markets to respond to Covid-19. The application period is open until November 22, and you can learn more, check eligibility and apply online. The USDA also recently announced additional funding to expand meat and poultry processing capacity. Details and press release available here.
In Case You Missed It Online
Despite all the media hype, we’ve long argued that lab-grown “meat” (also called ‘cultured’, ‘in vitro’ or ‘clean meat’) isn’t the ‘sustainable solution’ it’s being portrayed as, particularly when it comes to scaling up the technology. This fascinating article by Joe Fassler #TheCounterMedia exposes the technological short-comings of this multi-billion dollar boondoggle — and why the lab-meat bubble is about to burst.
Featured Blog Post: Discover 10 Things You Can Do For The Planet
If your customers (or friends, family or anyone in your network) are struggling with how to make the best food choices for the planet, this blog may be worth a share. While there’s a lot of confusion about animal products and sustainability, we’re here to say loud and proud that we don’t have to stop eating meat and dairy to save the planet. But we do need to start making better choices.
In our latest blog, we take a look at this common misconception and offer a science-based take on things we can do instead. Hope you enjoy the read, and please share if you do.
New Merchandise: AGW-Branded Greeting Cards
We’re excited to show off the newest AGW merchandise—greeting cards! Great to have ready for the holidays, notes, thanks yous and more, the packs of chicken, cow, sheep, goat, pig and multi-species are sold in quantities of five.
Featured Resource: Cattle Welfare from Farm Health Online
From welfare assessments to housing, behavior, feeding, management and more, Farm Health Online offers free information and resources on cattle welfare (along with other species). Learn more.

From Your Peers
This week,

  • featured The Abandoned Dog in NC, where Nona and Jeff Cullen raise AGW-certified Kiko goats.
  • Lucky Hook Farm in Moses Lake, WA is showcased for their 10 year anniversary being Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW with their pasture-raised dairy goats in this Pacific Northwest Ag Network outlet.
Wishing you well in the week ahead,
Emily Moose
Executive Director
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