USDA Program Brings Ag Educators to Ghanaian Classrooms

Fellow Sherrie Ray introduces her students to 4-H and shares stories with them about her 4-H leadership experiences in high school.

USDA Program Brings Ag Educators to Ghanaian Classrooms

In honor of World Teachers’ Day, USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service is celebrating some of our fellowship recipients who are teaching agricultural education in Ghana and helping shape the minds of tomorrow’s agricultural producers, entrepreneurs, and global leaders.

USDA’s connection to agricultural education can be traced back more than a century through partnerships with our nation’s land-grant institutions and youth extension programs, including 4-H and National FFA. More recently, a new USDA program, the International Agricultural Education Fellowship Program (IAEFP), was established in 2018 to further strengthen this connection by assisting developing countries with establishing school-based agricultural and youth extension programs.

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