World’s First Certified Non-GMO By AGW Rice

Cahokia Rice verifies production of Certified Non-GMO by AGW rice
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—Cahokia Rice verifies production of Certified Non-GMO by AGW rice—

Photo Credit: Cahokia Rice in McClure, IL

MCCLURE, IL (AUGUST 17, 2021)—Cahokia Rice is the world’s first brand to produce Certified Non-GMO by A Greener World (AGW) rice. Certified Non-GMO by AGW is a respected third-party certification and food label that guarantees production without the use of genetically modified ingredients.

Cahokia Rice is an Illinois based rice producer that grows and sells Certified Non-GMO by A Greener World (AGW) high protein rice. Cahokia Rice uses only Certified Non-GMO by AGW rice for their line of products.

As a pioneering farm and company, Cahokia Naturally High Protein Rice is the first-ever brand to offer Certified Non-GMO by AGW rice. Julie Woodruff, Manager of Business and Operations at Cahokia Rice, says “We mill and package our rice crop in small batches to maximize taste and nutrition, harvesting the grains when they contain peak protein content. We guarantee that each package of Cahokia Rice meets these standards of quality that we hold ourselves to and A Greener World verifies that we meet their Non-GMO standards.”
As public concern for the labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms, also known as GE, or genetically engineered) continues to grow, the market for non-GMO products is surging 17% annually and expected to reach 1.1 billion USD by 2023, according to industry analyst, Technavio. Consumers seek out non-GMO products for a variety of reasons, including environmental sustainability, health, corporate consolidation and transparency. A lack of clear labeling around GMOs means that consumers must actively seek out Certified Non-GMO products to avoid them.

While other non-GMO labels exist, Certified Non-GMO by AGW stands alone in meeting consumer’s expectations for meaningful prohibitions on GMO contamination (see comparison chart here for more details), and ensures that at no point in the growing, processing or manufacturing of the product will GMOs enter the system.

Cahokia Rice Manager of Business and Operations, Julie Woodruff, says,

“At Cahokia Rice, we’re trying to make things better through rice farming, and we work with the land to feed people like our ancestors did before us. The result is a premium Certified Non-GMO by AGW farm-to-table rice that is both nutritious and delicious.”

A Greener World Director of Communications and Outreach, Emily Moose, says,

“Cahokia Rice is leading the way in giving their customers true transparency with meaningful food labels. Their decision to verify their production of Certified Non-GMO by AGW rice demonstrates their commitment to quality ingredients that have a concrete, positive effect on the planet. People want to know how their food is produced and we’re proud to be partners with Cahokia Rice in giving their customers the information they need to find products that align with their values.”

Certified Non-GMO brown and white rice from Cahokia Rice is sold in 2 lb. and 25 lb. bags and can be found at a number of retailers throughout Illinois including Dierbergs Grocery, Schnucks and Harvest Market in Champaign and Springfield, as well as online through their website sales.

A Greener World (AGW) identifies, audits, certifies and promotes practical, sustainable farming systems by supporting farmers and ranchers and informing consumers. AGW’s growing family of trusted certifications includes Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Salmon Welfare Certified by AGWCertified Grassfed by AGW, Certified Regenerative by AGW, and Certified Non-GMO by AGW. Each program is designed to have positive and measurable impacts on the environment, society and animals, and to encourage truly sustainable farming practices. AGW’s standards and procedures are robust, transparent and achievable.
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