July 2021: What Farmers Need to Know

Here’s the top news for sustainable farmers in NC & SC

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Dear Nahid,

With the passing of the solstice in June, we know the days are getting shorter, but it feels as if summer is dragging on. A heat dome created temperatures on the West Coast that are beyond even Carolinian comprehension. A Gulf of Mexico fire was an eye-catching reminder of the dangers of fossil fuels transported via the ocean. Courts are blocking progressive measures by the USDA to forgive debts for Black farmers, a group that the USDA has long denied access to funds.

Despite the heat and policy-related calamities of early summer, we’re lucky to be emerging from COVID lockdowns.

As we do, farm businesses might need to reevaluate their sales outlets once again. Pandemic-related changes in the market changed how many farms were doing business. Food boxes, whether via sales to food hubs or through the more traditional CSA program, boomed throughout the pandemic. Will this continue to be a strong outlet for farmers? Below, our new market access coordinator reviews the marketing possibilities and helps farmers see the pros and cons of potential marketing choices.


Chloe Johnson, Local Produce Safety Manager

Considering organic certification?
Expert Tip: What Market Is Right for Me?
by Geoff Seelen, CFSA Market Access Coordinator
Post-Harvest Station at Central Carolina Community College Student Farm (a CFSA member)

Starting a farm is one of the hardest things you will ever do. In addition to being responsible for producing many varieties of fruits and vegetables, you will need business acumen to market and sell your products successfully. Deciding where to sell is as important as deciding what to sell. Continue reading.