Pollinator Protection Starts at Home—and can Spread Faster than Weeds

June 24, 2021
Although pollinator conservation is a big task, it all begins with each of us adopting four simple steps: growing pollinator-friendly flowers, providing nest sites, avoiding pesticides, and spreading the word. With these core values, pollinator conservation can be adapted to any location, whether you tend an urban community garden or a suburban yard, work in a city park or on a farm. Make your commitment to these four principles official by signing our Pollinator Protection Pledge!
Pollinator Protection Starts at Home—and can Spread Faster than Weeds!

Something as simple as observing the bees and other pollinators in your garden is a wonderful way to celebrate Pollinator Week. Late June is a time when, across the county, bees and butterflies are emerging and making themselves known. It is also a great time to pledge to do more for all these amazing creatures. Read More

Great Plains Rangelands Are Important Habitat for Pollinators

Rangelands of the Great Plains are a highly diverse—and endangered—ecosystem filled with subtle beauty that is often underappreciated. These landscapes evolved with natural disturbances, such as grazing and wildfire. Maintaining disturbance through active management is essential for healthy rangelands and pollinators. Read More

Letrero Hábitat para Polinizadores

Apoye la conservación y difunda la palabra sobre la importancia de los polinizadores a través de este letrero en su jardín. Producido por la Sociedad Xerces, este letrero está diseñado para uso exterior, mide 9” x 10”, y también es duradero y resistente a la intemperie. También recibirá beneficios de membrecía de Xerces durante un año a partir de la fecha de su donación.

Los letreros están disponibles en nuestro Centro de regalos.

(Habitat signs are available for a donation in our Gift Center.)

Pollinators Find a Home on Roadsides

State Departments of Transportation manage millions of acres of land and have an opportunity to make a significant difference for pollinators. Roadsides provide pollinator habitat, as well as connectivity across otherwise inhospitable landscapes. Read More

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