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Photo Credit: Alluvial Farms in Everson, WA
Dear Rebecca,

As we move deeper into Summer, stay tuned for our upcoming series on social media called “Making this Grilling Season Clean and Green.” With all the celebrations coming up (Juneteenth, Canada Day, 4th of July, to name just a few) we want to help people include your certified products, so we’ll be sharing lots of great recipes and tips for customers. Reminder: If you have any summer specials, send them our way so we can help spread the word. We also want to send a huge appreciation to all the dads out there this Father’s Day, in the AGW family and beyond.

In this week’s update, you’ll also find resources from AGW’s tech team and the latest news from your peers. Thank you for reading.

Featured Blog Post: Antibiotic-Free Labeling
Ever get questions from your customers about antibiotics? This informative blog post about the role of antibiotics and antibiotic claims from Bob Martin, Program Director for the Food System Policy Program at the Center for a Livable Future at Johns Hopkins University, helps consumers understand how AGW-certified producers use antibiotics responsibly.

Featured Resource: Grassfed Primer
As the range of food products making grassfed claims continues to expand, The Grassfed Primer: Your guide to the benefits of grassfed beef is designed to cut through the confusion with an informative, easy-to-digest introduction to the benefits of grassfed and pasture-raised beef for animal welfare, the environment and, of course, for human health. The report includes extensive scientific references for further reading and research. Available in AGW’s online library.

Featured Resource: Technical Advice Fact Sheet 16 – Nose Ringing Pigs
This technical paper examines the practice of nose ringing pigs. Key topics include understanding the welfare implications of nose ringing and management options as an alternative to nose ringing.

Updates From Your Peers
Please catch the latest press mentions about AGW-certified producers and the program below. This week,

  • Capital Public Radio News featured AGW-certified farmer Greg Newhall of Windy N Ranch in Ellensburg, WA to talk about some of the ways the pandemic has changed his farm and business.
Wishing you a good week ahead,
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