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Photo Credit: Blue Bear Farm & Cattle Co. LLC in Cairo, GA
Dear Rebecca,

We hope the weather’s cooperating and you got some holiday-related relaxation, or at least a bump in sales. We’ve got some great resources for you this week—some that you can share with your customers and some that may be useful on-farm. As this past weekend unofficially marked the start of summer around here, we hope it is a good season for you. You’ll find more updates from the AGW program below.

For Your Customers: How to Find Meaningful Food Labels
Do you get questions from your customers on the meaning of different food labels? There’s a lot of confusion out there about the meaning of labels like grassfed, humane, cage free and more. Our newest blog post, “Behind the Label,” is a great resource to share through your social media platforms and newsletters—and a great place to point customers wanting to learn more about labels. We hope it helps, and let us know what other resources you could use!

Using Certification to Position Your Products
Label claims are important real estate on product packaging, and industry leaders speaking at the Natural Products Expo West virtual conference last week noted animal welfare and grassfed claims among the top for dairy and meat. Learn more about how certification can help position your products in front of the growing number of consumers demanding transparency.

Featured Resource: Farm Templates and Plans
Looking for a jumping off point in writing a farm health plan or streamlining your records? A Greener World offers free templates for farm records, health plans and more. These are designed for AGW-certified farms and ranches, but feel free to use and share widely—whether you’re certified or not! Check out the full list of free downloads.

From Your Peers
Please catch the latest mentions about AGW-certified producers and the program:

  • Lancaster Farming features AGW-certified Barrens View Farm of Dillsburg, PA in this article about go-to meals for farmers working on the go. 
  • covers all of the new additions at AGW-certified The Lands at Hillside Farms in Shavertown, PA.
  • Seven Days featured Hannah Sessions, AGW-certified farmer painter at Blue Ledge Farm in VT.
Wishing you well this week,
Emily Moose
Executive Director
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