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May 25, 2021

We can’t wait to see you again! Currently in-person events are still on hold, but we will resume as soon as it is safe and appropriate. In the meantime, we are committed to presenting as many events online as we can. Please visit for a full list of upcoming webinars. (Webinars will be close captioned and recordings added to our YouTube channel.)
Webinar – Human Dimensions of Pollinator Conservation

Usually when people hear the buzz phrase “pollinator conservation” they think of bees and butterflies, not people. However, people have an essential role to play in pollinator conservation. Join guest speaker, Shannon Westlake, to learn about the human side of pollinator conservation and the various actions you can take to get more involved with supporting our native insect pollinator friends.

Thursday, June 17; 10am PDT / 11am MDT / 12pm CDT / 1pm EDT.  Register Now

Wetlands as Pollinator Habitat

A bee that collects floral oils rather than nectar? Yes! The nude yellow loosestrife bee relies on a single species of wetland plant, fringed loosestrife, to supply its nest, demonstrating the importance of protecting, restoring, and managing wetland habitats. Read More

Planned Grasshopper Sprays Threaten Monarchs, Bees, Beneficial Insects, and Birds Across Western Rangelands

Rangelands of the western United States are home to many amazing species of wildlife from sage-grouse to butterflies, and frequently used for cattle grazing. A significant proportion of rangelands are publicly owned, so how they are managed, especially when it comes to grasshopper control, is a topic of great concern. Read More

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Banner photo: Nude yellow loosestrife bee by USGS Bee inventory and Monitoring Lab
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