Shedding Light on Firefly Natural History and Distributions through Community Science

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May 11, 2021

Our founder Robert Michael Pyle has described conserving invertebrates as “the biggest job in the world.” It certainly is a formidable task, and it is one that we can all contribute to. Wherever we are, there is something that we each can do, from participating in community science projects by gathering observations of fireflies or bumble bees to making our gardens and neighborhoods safer for butterflies and people by reducing pesticide use to creating habitat on farms that will support beneficial insects. With thoughtful land management and meaningful action, we all can make a difference for the invertebrates of our communities.
Shedding Light on Firefly Natural History and Distributions through Community Science

Gathering habitat and distribution information about lesser-known species is a mammoth task, made easier by the observations submitted by individuals participating in community science projects. You can help, too! Read More

Bee Better Certified: One Acre at a Time

When we launched Bee Better Certified in 2017, our sights were set high on a large long-term goal: to move the agricultural industry towards being a safer landscape for bees and other pollinators. Large-scale change happens little by little over an extended period of time, and with each year that passes we continue to see increased interest and adoption of the program throughout the food industry. Read More

Applying a Holistic Approach to Monarch Conservation

Xerces is a science-based conservation organization and our work on monarchs is no different. Whether it is restoring overwintering sites in California, creating breeding habitat in New York State, or protecting monarchs from pesticides, science informs our actions and maximizes our conservation return. Read More

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