Pollinate the World this Earth Week

Cheers to all of you who do your part to protect the planet
Earth Week is a great time to think about ways we can all connect and support conservation. We hope that you’ll join us in one or more of the following ways this week: Learning, Connecting, Exploring, Committing, and Giving. Visit our Earth Week page to learn about options suitable for a variety of life circumstances and interests. Whatever you are able to do at this time will make a difference for the “little things that run the world.”

Thank you for being part of this important work, and a part of our community!

The Actual Earth of Earth Week

Soils support the most biologically rich animal communities on earth, outside of our oceans. A single cubic foot of tallgrass prairie soil may contain billions of organisms, and more species diversity than the entire above-ground Amazon rainforest. Yet we think little of this life. Read More

Ask for a Healthier World

Do you want a more bee-friendly community or a different way to control mosquitoes? Change can start with a simple ask. Asking, if done respectfully and with curiosity, can bring empowerment and strengthen community. Read More

Upcoming Webinars

We have a full schedule of educational webinars this spring to help you turn your conservation dreams into action. In honor of Earth Day, on April 22nd, Scott Black will give a talk titled “Insect Apocalypse? What Is Really Happening, Why It Matters and How We Can All Be a Vital Part of the Solution.” Learn More & Register

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