Regenerative Farming Series, Pandemic Assistance and Range Management for Poultry

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Photo Credit: Green Dirt Farm in Weston, Missouri
Dear Rebecca,

I hope all of you have had a good week. Our marketing team wrapped up our grassfed series (thanks to all of you who gave us feedback and shared our content), and we’re moving into a series about regenerative farming. Read on for technical advice from AGW’s tech team about range management for poultry, information about pandemic assistance plus all the latest news from your peers. Thanks for reading, and please be in touch with any feedback or content that would be helpful for your business.

Regenerative Farming Series + Resources for your Customers
Over the next few weeks as we prepare to celebrate Earth Day 2021, where the theme is Restore Our Earth, we’ll have some great content for you to share with your customers, on your website, social media and more (similar to our recent grassfed series). To kick things off, we define regenerative farming as a set of life-promoting practices that have a measurable, positive impact on soil health, water conditions, air quality, animal welfare, biodiversity, and social responsibility. Check out our blog for some great resources on getting to know your soil from Dr. Jennifer Dungait and Dr. Ember Morrissey.

Pandemic Assistance
The USDA FSA recently announced the availability of funding to assist socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers under the Pandemic Assistance for Producers Initiative. USDA has also reopened FSA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 (CFAP 2) signup as part of the initiative. Learn more. For those of you in Canada, this page outlines Covid-19 financial support for farmers and food processors along with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s financial assistance measures for farmers.

REMINDER to AGW-certified farmers: Update Your Directory Listings
Our online directory is ever-changing as we add new grocery stores, restaurants, distributors, local markets and outlets that carry AGW-certified products. Are your listings current? To make sure, just search your farm name in our online directory, and your listings should populate. Need to make changes? Update your vendor listings here or get in touch with your regional coordinator.

Featured Resource: Technical Advice Fact Sheet 6 – Range Management in Poultry
This technical paper offers advice on range management for poultry, examining the welfare and other benefits associated with increased ranging behavior, with practical advice on encouraging birds to make better use of the range.

Updates From Your Peers
Please catch the latest press mentions about AGW-certified producers and the program below. This week,

  • The Dickinson College student newspaper, The Dickinsonian, gave a recent sustainability update which included latest project news from AGW-certified Dickinson College Farm.
  • Harrisburg Magazine covers the new local food hub, Radish & Rye, in Harrisburg, PA. The outlet sources AGW-certified milk from Apple Valley Creamery in East Berlin, PA.
  • Click on Detroit covers AGW-certified (and Certified Regenerative by AGW pilot farm participant) Verdant Hollow Farm in Buchanan, MI in an interview about regenerative farming.
Emily Moose
Executive Director
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