Video Chat: Preserving the Pineywoods breed with Georgia Native Cattle Co.

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While we’re really missing talking and gathering with AGW-certified farmers in person, our video check-in chats have been one way for our team to hear (and see) how some folks in our network are doing these days. Our latest video in the series is with Jay Wells from Georgia Native Cattle Company, who along with his family is raising Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Certified Grassfed by AGW Pineywoods beef cattle.
The Pineywoods breed is an endangered cattle breed, descending from animals first brought to the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama in the early 1500s by the Spanish. The breed was predominately used as oxen in the southeast timber industry until European cattle largely replaced it in the 1800s, and is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the U.S. Recognized for its ability to thrive on marginal brush and vegetation, Pineywoods cattle are known to have excellent disease resistance, heat tolerance, good mothering traits and longevity. These traits make them ideally suited for the management of Georgia Native Cattle Company, where the cattle graze freely through the forage like native grasses, forbs and legumes. 
We invite you to tune in to our video chat to learn from Jay Wells about the history of the Pineywoods cattle breed, how the Wells family is preserving the breed along with biodiversity on their farm, and what he anticipates for the future of farming.

A Conversation with Georgia Native Cattle Company
“This is part of our efforts to make this breed commercially viable, and everybody that buys the beef sticks in their own way is going to be participating in the preservation efforts.”
– Jay Wells
For more information on Georgia Native Cattle Company (and to join them on their breed preservation mission by purchasing their AGW-certified beef sticks), visit You can also see past video interviews with other AGW-certified farmers, ranchers and friends working in all parts of the food system on AGW’s YouTube page.
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Executive Director
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