Changing Seasons and Transition Times

Dear Rebecca,

It is hard to believe a new fall season is upon us. I appreciate these brief transition times that tend to allow a bit of space to pause for both reflection and consideration for what is ahead. We wish you, your families and businesses all good things in this new season as we all move forward together. You will find updates and news from the AGW program below, including an important weather reminder to farms and plants in the AGW program. Please remember our team is here to support you, regardless of situation and season. Let us know what you need.

Severe Weather Reminder
We continue to follow the fires out West and realize that we are in the middle of hurricane season. As an important reminder to all certified producers, if you or your slaughter plants find yourselves in a difficult situation based on weather related events, please info or 800-373-8806.

A Greener World Farmers and Ranchers Facebook Group
Are you an AGW-certified producer or someone interested in certification who is looking to connect with others in the agricultural community? Don’t forget about our Facebook Group! Created at the request of the farmers and ranchers we certify, we hope that this is a helpful space. Feel free to email info or call (202) 546-5292 with any questions.
Our team remains grateful and humbled to work with amazing farms, ranches and businesses around the world. Here is a moment of calm, brought to you by your peers.

Clip of Clover Creek B roll 2
News from the AGW Family
The Regulatory Review recently wrote an article entitled “Putting a Label on Farm Animal Welfare,” explaining how inconsistent animal welfare standards can confuse consumers and continue to muddle the labeling landscape. Dairy Herd covers the growing consumer interest in labels such as Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW and ways that group housing can improve welfare in dairy cattle—benefitting animals, consumers and the environment. With “sustainability and taste at the forefront of innovation” comes a new line of Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Grassfed by AGW beef sticks from Georgia Native Cattle Company in Buena Vista, GA. Catch recent coverage of their new product launch fromDeli Market News. Deli Edison, “self-described ‘part neighborhood eatery and part gourmet food destination’” owned by restauranteur Sam Suchoff, was featured in Chapelboro as their Flavor of the Week. Suchoff, who also owns The Pig barbecue restaurant and Lady Edison in Chapel Hill, NC, is committed to sourcing AGW-certified pork from the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association—a cooperative of independent farmers in NC raising AGW-certified hogs. There was a great feature on AGW-certified Brand Acres Beef in Wisconsin State Farmer, covering conservation practices in their farm management and operation. Do you have news from your farm, ranch of food business? If so, send it our way so that we can share!


Andrew Gunther
Executive Director
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