Subscriber Coupon: $5 Off Georgia Native Cattle Company’s AGW-certified Beef Sticks!

Dear Rebecca,

We want to give A Greener World (AGW) supporters first dibs on the newest and greatest certified products. After all, you support the AGW program and the independent producers we certify. To say thank you, we have great news to share today along with a $5 coupon to support an amazing farm in Georgia doing big things to preserve a historic cattle breed.
Meet Georgia Native Cattle Company! They just launched a new line of beef sticks—the only Certified Animal Welfare Approved by (AGW), Certified Grassfed by AGW beef sticks available nationwide. With your purchase of the Hickory Smoked Original and Jalapeno flavored beef sticks, you are supporting high-welfare, sustainable production but also joining the farm on their mission to preserve the Pineywoods cattle breed.
Georgia Native Cattle Company’s AGW-certified beef sticks are available for order online, with a special opportunity to get $5 off a single order by using AGW_GANC as a promotional code at checkout. Be sure to follow the farm on Facebook and Instagram for their latest news and updates. 
Thank you for your support,
Callie Casteel
Farmer and Market Outreach Coordinator, South Region

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