COVID-19: Fight or Flight

What we might learn from this challenge
Dear Rebecca,

I mentioned this in an earlier update, but I was recently invited to write an article for Agriculture and Human Values, a journal which normally focuses on more academic perspectives but wanted to hear from those of us in the field at this critical time. The prompt was broad and a little intimidating, basically a fancier version of “What do you think about everything right now?”
From the perspective of a farming organization certifying high-welfare, pasture-based farming practices, we are used to challenges, but this is unlike anything we have faced before. But we are adapting and learning, and hope our collective experience may hold some keys to the changing future of sustainable agriculture. In this piece we explore some of the creaks and cracks in the food system, including panic-buying and shocked supply chains, product dumping, attitudes around science, market adaptation and response from state and local governments. We also share some hopeful prescriptions to help us navigate this time together.
Thank you for all of your observations and experiences in helping us inform the wider world about what’s going on independent sustainable agriculture; we look forward to hearing what you think.
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Best wishes,

Andrew Gunther
Executive Director
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