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Hi Rebecca,
The well-being of our cattle is the primary focus at Trail’s End, every day. Our grassfed beef cattle are naturally raised from birth to harvest on our family ranch in Alberta, Canada. They are born, raised, and finished on grass, just as nature intended. 

As a Certified Grassfed and Animal Welfare Approved ranch, respect for the land and animals is foremost in our operation. Our land and cattle are holistically managed as part of a bigger picture of health for our family, community, and environment. Part of that community is A Greener World, the certifying body who visits our ranch for an annual audit to ensure that our beef operation meets their standards. As “green washing” becomes more prevalent as a marketing tool, having an independent set of eyes on our ranch validates the hard work that we do to raise beef as part of a sustainable, regenerative system.

A Greener World is a not-for profit organization, and they depend on your grassroots support. Trail’s End Beef has chosen to support their year-end fundraising by spreading the word about the good work they do—work that directly improves the lives of farm animals and the livelihood of families growing food for our tables, and yours.

Can you give now to help support sustainable farming and the work of A Greener World?

Thank you for your support,
Rachel Herbert
Trail’s End Beef

A Greener World | PO Box 115, Terrebonne, OR 97760

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