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December Focus On Farming from A Greener World
December 2019
Check out our new product directory— launching soon!
This Giving Tuesday, we ran a fundraising campaign to make much-needed updates to our online directory. Thanks to all of our generous donors and supporters, we met our goal of $10,000 to complete this work and now we are excited to share a sneak peek of this new directory with you!

We will have lots of eyes on the directory once we launch “officially”—and throughout this holiday season, so we’re asking for certified producers to please review your online listings to be sure they are accurate. You can make updates here. To give us the best chance of getting your updates included before the launch, please review by Monday, December 16.

As always, feel free to send us any news, new products, or holiday-inspired gifts so we can share with our network—people are looking for ways to green their holiday and we’re always glad to help them do it with AGW-certified farms.

Wishing you the best,
The AGW Team

Featured Resources and News about sustainable farming and ranching
Working with your vet
Whole-farm health is a community endeavor. Your veterinarian can provide invaluable assistance to protect animal health and product safety and may be able to help address other complex problems such as environmental or human health impacts. For specialized treatments, a collaborative approach may be best. With communication and perhaps some negotiation, your veterinarian can play a significant role in fulfilling your goals for a robust, resilient agro-ecosystem that safeguards animal health and welfare. Learn more here —
L6 Cattle Ranches: 10 years strong
Congrats to Bill and Sharie Liebold at L6 Cattle Ranches in Corona, NM for their decade of Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW certification. “Our customers are primarily concerned that animals are raised naturally outdoors on pasture and range, so our AGW certifications mean a lot—and we’re proud of our decade of certification!” We are honored to work with you! Read more here —
Spreading the message
At A Greener World, we’re serious about changing the way we farm and feed ourselves. We believe the work we do alongside AGW-certified farmers really can transform our food and farming systems and make this planet a better place. We need your support by helping us spread the word. Will you help us grow the movement? Read more on how you can help —
Farm-to-farm sales
New Listings: Seeking Certified AWA by AGW heritage breed piglets (Calmar, IA); Certified AWA and Grassfed by AGW bred heifers Angus cross breed for sale (Craigmyle, AB); Certified AWA by AGW 2-year old, Alpine/ Saanen dairy does in milk for sale (Bend, OR); Certified AWA by AGW miniture Nubian and Lamancha dairy goats—kids, yearlings and adults—for sale (Boyceville, WI); Certified AWA by AGW Highland cattle—cow/calf pairs, yearling and two-year old heifers—for sale (Worthington, MA) and many more. View listings or submit your own here —
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