Invitation to become a Board Member

Dear Members of North Carolina Small Farm Association:

The holidays are here, and the end of the year approaches and we have a request. The North Carolina Small Farm Association is soliciting your support. We would like to expand our Board of Directors. We are a small organization with 178 members throughout North Carolina. Our mission is simple:

Together We Support Small Farms to be Successful”.

Our goal is to help small farms continue to grow. We feel small farms can and should be strong economic organizations.  We work closely with other agriculture organizations to bring state of the art education programs to our members. In 2019 we hosted programs on Sheep and Goat production, Artificial Insemination, Heirloom Vegetable Production and participated in Successful Small Farm Conference.

We would like to extend an invitation to become a board member. Our Bylaws require we vote on Board Members for 2020. As a board member you could help us decide the programs we should be developing.

The time involved is very limited, but your ideas are critical. As a board member you would be asked to participate in 2 – 4 board meetings a year. You can attend board meeting either in person or online so you will not need to leave your farm. If you have ever thought “I wish I knew more about something” now is the time help us get that information to you.

You do not have to be a commercial operation now but would like to in the future or have an interest in agriculture in North Carolina. Please send me your name and a brief bio by December 13th and we will submit your name for consideration to the members. If you have any questions please contact me at either or 404-323-0689.

Thank you in advance for interest in North Carolina Small Farm Association.

Happy Holidays,

Dennis Bickel

Executive Director

North Carolina Small Farm Association