‘Regenerative Farming’: the next big con?

November Focus On Farming from A Greener World
November 2019
‘Regenerative Farming’: the next big con?
Can we keep “Regenerative” from becoming the next meaningless buzzword? If not, we will not only have handed yet another gift to the marketing ‘greenwashers’; we will have wasted what may be the last opportunity to rebuild our soils, restore and protect our waterways, ensure the highest levels of animal welfare and achieve fairness for both farmer and consumer. Find out how to stay ahead of the spin and help deliver real solutions in our Executive Director’s latest blog here —
Featured Resources and News about sustainable farming and ranching
FACT’s Fund-a-Farmer grants
FACT awards competitive grants to working, independent farmers located in the continental U.S. who raise beef cattle, broiler chickens, dairy cows, goats, laying hens, pigs, sheep and/or turkeys. This year they offer three types of grants available to both prospective and currently certified farmers. Applications must be submitted online by 5pm CST on December 2, 2019.

Learn more here —

Giving Tuesday – help us spread the word
Save the Date: Dec. 3 is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving where millions around the world support important causes. Giving Tuesday at A Greener World this year will support the launch of our new and improved online directory, featuring farms like yours, restaurants, and retailers selling your certified products. Here’s an early peek–we’ll be sending you more info as we get closer —
Feeding pigs
The Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW standards require that pigs have access to a foraging area. If the foraging area is well managed and/or the pigs have access to good quality forages, it can provide some of the pigs’ dietary needs and therefore reduce the need for expensive grain and protein supplements. However, any reduction in supplements fed will depend on the age and stage of production of the pig—and must be considered carefully. Read more about pig productivity and health regarding the right feed —
Non-GMO comparison chart
There are many reasons why you might want to avoid genetically modified organisms, more commonly known as “GMOs.” Most consumers have concerns about health. Other questions one might ask in the face of this new technology: What do GMOs do to our ecosystems, the independence of our farmers, and the rights of consumers to decide what to put in their bodies? Learn more about understanding the different non-gmo claims here —
Farm-to-farm sales
New Listings: Seeking Certified AWA by AGW heritage breed piglets (Calmar, IA); Certified AWA and Grassfed by AGW bred heifers Angus cross breed for sale (Craigmyle, AB); Certified AWA by AGW 2-year old, Alpine/ Saanen dairy does in milk for sale (Bend, OR); Certified AWA by AGW miniture Nubian and Lamancha dairy goats—kids, yearlings and adults—for sale (Boyceville, WI); Certified AWA by AGW Highland cattle—cow/calf pairs, yearling and two-year old heifers—for sale (Worthington, MA) and many more. View listings or submit your own here —
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