Be Part of the Story, Be Part of the Change!

You Are Our Hero
Be Part of the Story, Be Part of the Change!
By reading this email, you are already part of A Greener World’s story—and part of a growing movement to create a better food and farming system. For that, we could never thank you enough.

What we realize, though, is that the personal connections are what make this all possible. We couldn’t do our work without the thousands of farmers we work with, and they couldn’t do their work without the support of their customers, veterinarians, extension agents, family and farming mentors.

The connections matter. The stories matter.

We want to hear your story. We want to celebrate the stories of people who are AGW followers and supporters because together we know we can impact more change, work harder and do better. We ask that you take a few minutes to fill out this brief questionnaire. Our plan is to use your responses—your stories—to show real life, on the ground examples of AGW’s impact. We may use these stories at a fundraiser, through our social media networks, in a grant application, etc. Our hope is to collect snapshots of AGW supporters so that we can merge our stories into one larger narrative of change.

Please contribute your story and your picture (if you have one and are willing to let us use) by Friday, June 14 in order to be included in this campaign. You have our sincerest thanks for your support, and your part in building A Greener World.


Here is an example of a story, to give you an idea of what we hope to create with what you share: 

Meredith learned about A Greener World as a PT student and realized that what she eats
really does impact the world in one way or another. “I think twice about the kind of meat
and eggs that I buy, now that I know about A Greener World and the products that carry
their certifications. But that doesn’t always make it easier because there’s too much
overwhelming information out there, so I’m glad AGW is around to give me honest
information about what I read on labels. I try to buy products that are good for my
health and good for the animals, and AGW has really made me more aware of how
those two things are tied together. Before I knew about AGW, I rarely thought about
the ‘big picture’ in the food that I eat. But it really does matter.” 

Please respond to questions below or fill out the online form here:

  • How did you learn about A Greener World? 
  • How has the mission of A Greener World impacted your life?
  • Why is the work of A Greener World important to you?
  • What specific elements of A Greener World’s work do you most enjoy?
  • If applicable, please share an example of how you have been aided by A Greener World’s services.

Upload Photo: Please note that by sharing your photos, you’re giving us permission to use them.

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