Fake MOOS, new AGW branded shelf talkers and farm-to-farm sales

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In case you missed it—Fake Moos!
In the latest Sustainable Farming magazine, A Greener World is working to fight misinformation around sustainability and farming. The Spring 2019 edition includes the nutritional truth behind the EAT Lancet Commission report and suggested diet; explanation of faulty methodology that’s leading to cattle being blamed unfairly for their contribution to climate change; issues with the “planetary health diet;” cultured meat; and so much more! Take a look and share with your network, using #AGreenerWorld! We’re all in this together—let’s get our facts straight!
Featured Resources and News about sustainable farming and ranching
New AGW branded shelf talkers are in
Shelf talkers for retail shelving are a terrific marketing tool; they are effective at driving sales and offer a great way to showcase your sustainable products to consumers. Thanks to your input, we have completed design and print—and shelf talkers are ready for purchase here —
Mind over matter
In the Spring issue of Sustainable Farming magazine, Jennifer L. Burton, DVM, explores the confluence of placebo, mind and modern medicine. She provides theories on the mind-body connection and techniques to implement with your animals starting on page 16 of the magazine here —
May 10-year farms to celebrate
The following certified farmers have reached their ten-year anniversary with Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW certification in the month of May and AGW is honored to tip our hats in appreciation.

Read more about 10-year certified farmers here —

Farm-to-farm sales
New Listings: Certified AWA by AGW Gloucestershire Old Spot/Berkshire feeder piglets for sale (Charles City, IA); Certified AWA by AGW miniture Nubian and Lamancha dairy goats—kids, yearlings and adults—for sale (Boyceville, WI); Certified AWA by AGW Highland cattle—cow/calf pairs, yearling and two-year old heifers—for sale (Worthington, MA); Certified AWA by AGW Landrace breeding sheep—rams, ewes and yearling ewes—for sale (Claremore, OK) and many more. View listings or submit your own here —
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On social media? We are too! Be sure to tag us with @CertifiedbyAGreenerWorld on Facebook, @CertifiedbyAGW on Twitter and #AGreenerWorld or @agreenerworldorg on Instagram. Need social media support and ideas? Check out the article “Get Social” on page 12-13 in the Spring/Summer2018 Sustainable Farming magazine.
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