The New Kids on the Block: Disease-Resistant Cucurbits

+ We’re hiring a Lomax Farm Coordinator

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Dear Nahid,

As the spring ephemerals surge and the returning foliage reminds most of us why we adore shades beyond brown, gray, and beige, farmers already have one boot in spring—planting and harvesting hearty roots and leafy greens—and the other deeply plunged into summer crop planning and seeding.

As you ready your wash stations for another season, we’re here to remind you about post-harvest handling considerations in this month’s Expert Tip.

This month, we’re shaking things up and kicking off the first in a series of video Expert Tips! We’re eager for you to get to know our staff, plus some topics are simply easier to show than tell, so we’re sharing a mix of written and video tips over the next year. First up is Trish’s tip on post-harvest handling water use on crops (below). Proper handling of your products improves product quality and shelf-life, plus it gives consumers and wholesale buyers more investment in your on-farm growing practices.

Beyond that, this edition includes:

  • An exciting article on new disease-resistant cucurbit varieties for farmers.
  • A brand new vermicomposting manual for mid- to large-scale growers.
  • A grant alert from Leonard-Mobley Small Farms Fund.
  • Is the 2019 Piedmont Farm Tour for you? Find out how farmers can plug-in.
  • Last call on apply for RESEED funds.
  • We’re hiring! Deadline alert on our Lomax Coordinator position.



Karen McSwain, CFSA’s Director of Farm Services and Food Systems