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Empowering sustainability through everyday choices
Empowering sustainability through everyday choices.
Dear Friend of A Greener World,
Like many of us, you are probably hard-pressed to remember a more challenging time–from the ongoing strains on our democratic institutions to the increasingly urgent threat of climate change. While it’s tempting to focus solely on the problems, we understand that rejecting the current system is not a long-term strategy. We must move from “No” to “Yes,” which means we must have a vision for the future. A Greener World is and always has been dedicated to a vision of a sustainable food future where everyone has healthy food, grown within our ecological means. We envision a future where farmers make a good living raising animals outdoors in high-welfare, pasture-based systems, where water and air is clean and protected, where rural communities thrive and consumers know their food dollars are making the world a better place. For the last ten years we have been actively delivering that vision with our AGW-certified farmers and our supporting members. One relationship at a time you have showed us that when we engage, we change the world.
Throwing our hands up and tuning out only benefits the status quo. This is true in politics, food and anything you care about. We only achieve the bright future in our minds when we move toward it with our daily actions. Now more than ever, we have to actively choose the future we so desperately need. If sustainable food and farming are a part of your vision for the future, please consider supporting us now to ensure that vision becomes a reality.
Thanks for all you do,
A Greener World
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