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A lot of people are angry these days—and rightfully so! They’re angry about politics, pollution, climate change, health care, immigration policies and more.

Families around the world are facing the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, toxic emissions, diet-related diseases and other health concerns as the result of our reliance on so-called ‘cheap’ food. People are mad about unfair treatment of workers in the meat processing industry, among the lowest paid of all workers, with few rights or benefits—despite often difficult, dangerous working conditions. At the same time, industrial meat production is not only polluting our air and waterways with toxic waste, but is pumping out invisible greenhouse gases and fueling climate change. Farmers are being increasingly driven out of business—or distressingly, to suicide—by a food system that prioritizes corporate profits over stable farms and rural communities.

Trust us, we get it. We’re mad, too! But we can’t just wait for this broken food system to fix itself. That’s never going to happen. We have to work together and make changes for ourselves. Our future depends on US. We each have the power to make a difference through the food choices we make three times a day… and it’s time to take action!

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Do you live in or near Burlington, VT? If you do, you can now buy tasty, nutritious Certified Grassfed by AGW, Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW beef from Health Hero Farm at the following locations: Hotel Vermont; Intervale Food Hub; University of Vermont Medical Center Farmers’ Market and Champlain Island Farmers’ Market. Shop all certified products here —
Jesse and Hannah Fouch and their four children raise Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW and Certified Grassfed by AGW beef on Fouch Farm in Mariposa, CA. The family raise 100 White Park and Dexter cattle on 720 acres, while homeschooling their kids and working full-time jobs off the farm. Read the full article in our Spring/Summer issue on page 22 here —
Know a conscientious cook? Check out our fabulous Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW aprons, available in either stone or black fabric. Made from certified organic 8-oz. cotton and recycled polyester, these aprons are not only perfect for farmers’ markets, but are a great way to show your support for sustainable farming practices, too! Shop aprons and other products here
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