How to conduct your own on-farm research

Farmers, on all sizes of farms, are closer to doing research than they think. Plus, Lomax Field Day!
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Dear Nahid,

May is the busiest month for many farmers with fields full of crops, markets starting, and regular farm maintenance increasing.

One issue we will all face in the next several weeks is pest pressure. Weeds, insects, and disease are an increasing problem as we continue further into spring and summer. Many farmers have developed specialized tactics to combat these issues through their own exploration and on-farm research. We are conducting pest control research at Lomax Farm this year. Please read our expert tip to learn more about our new study and how to conduct your own on-farm research.



Karen McSwain, CFSA’s Director of Farm Services and Food Systems

P.S. We’ve listened to your feedback! We’re looking to streamline how we get word out about our workshops and educational opportunities for growers, so we’re starting a new monthly newsletter that’s specifically about upcoming CFSA workshops. Keep your eyes peeled for an opt-in email later this month.