Monday Marketing Message

From: “Annie Baggett, Agritourism Marketing Specialist” <>
Date: January 25, 2016 at 2:17:39 PM EST
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Subject: Verify your business on Google. | MONDAY MARKETING MESSAGE | NCDA&CS

Monday Marketing Message
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Google. The first place potential customers go to find you.

How would your family feel if you got to the farm gate to discover it was locked up tight with different hours than what you Googled an hour ago? Really disappointed, right?

Families, a primary audience for farms welcoming visitors, are using Smartphones more than ever to navigate how they will spend their time and money – and, in real time, too.

60% of Millennials, including adults with children under the age of 18, use mobile devices to research products and services to include destinations like yours today.

Do not disappoint! Potential customers may be bummed when they discover that the u-pick season is over, they can’t take that hay ride they wanted or can’t spin in the tire swing on your farm’s playground. If they take their disappointment to your Google reviews or social media accounts, it could add negative content to your marketing message. (Remember, it takes at least 10 times the number of positive messages to counteract one negative voice.)

Begin the rural experience of a lifetime before customers even arrive at your farm and save yourself a few customer service headaches at the same time. Verify your farm’s website address, hours, activities, map and contact information today.
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Your success as you welcome visitors to your farm is our job. Thank you for all that you are doing.

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