The North Carolina Small Farm Association is a non profit organization committed to the success of Small Farms (defined as <$250,000 per year income). As a rejuvenated organization, early in our development, we are working towards, learning and supporting farmers in North Carolina.  In addition to being not for profit, our officers and board are elected volunteers who are already farming or in the process of becoming farmers.

We are always looking to see what our small farmers need to be successful and either connect them with other Farmers, mentors or resources to take the next step in farming.

The Association By-Laws are here – Association By-Laws

Elected Officials

  • Chairman President              Tim Hephner
  • Vice President                        Mike Makar
  • Secretary                                 Paula Bovina
  • Executive Director                Dennis Bickel

Board Members

  • Beth Gayden
  • Joe Nusser
  • William Landis – Extension Agent

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One thought on “About

  1. Dear,

    We are a Belgian AgriTech company and we have created a technology to detect pests & diseases on food crops. The reason why I’m reaching out is because we are setting up partnerships to help the local small farmer.

    For example, we are currently working on a new project to help more than 1000 small farmers in Cambodia and Laos. One of the goals is to help out these small farmers to protect their food crops in order that they are able to provide food for families.

    Currently, we are looking for a partnership to set-up this kind of project.
    Are you interested interested in this kind of partnership?

    Best regards,
    Guy Van Looveren I CEO
    Ask Attis


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