Nov. 2019 🐝 Food & Farming Policy News (+ We’re Hiring a Policy Director)

Take Action: Help Organic Dairy Farmers

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Dear Rebecca,

Having recently purchased a new home and moving, our family’s winter garden situation is pretty sad: a few small planters of salad mix and arugula, one chard, one kale, and one broccolini, all in small pots, as well as a dwindling assortment of radishes. While I love our new home, not having a garden full of fresh veggies, a coop waiting with duck eggs leaves me appreciating my old garden and local farmers markets more than usual! This transition will soon wind down; I have mostly unpacked all of our boxes and know that spring will come. My tiller is tuned up and eagerly awaits to break new garden ground. The four baby ducklings, currently in our bathtub, will soon quack around their new backyard. I’m doing the work now so that I’m prepared for garden success this spring.

This past month, Matt and I were lucky enough to host a workshop with 23 amazing people who wanted to do their own work now to prepare for success in the future. Lead Locally: Taking Action for Local Food Systems was a two-day, pre-conference intensive offered as part of CFSA’s 2019 Sustainable Agriculture Conference earlier this month. Attendees experienced a fast-paced lesson on local government, the function and process of joining local boards and commissions, the role of political parties, campaigning for local office, and skills helpful in both running and working for positive change from within local positions of influence. You can find the agenda here, and we hope to offer this opportunity again in the future.


A big congratulations to our 2019 Lead Locally graduates! We are so very excited to see you all excel in new leadership opportunities in your work to support sustainable agriculture!

It was encouraging to be around a group of energized people interested in and actively using food as a tool for civic engagement and community development. This leaves me excited for the upcoming Cultivating Community Through Food: NC Statewide Food Council Gathering on Dec. 5-6 in Rocky Mount, NC. This two-day conference is organized by Community Food Strategies and designed for anyone interested in working together to improve our community food systems.


It’s been exciting to be part of the planning team, which includes food council members from across North Carolina. The gathering will be a great opportunity to learn and connect with engaged community members and stakeholders from across the Carolinas. Will I see you there?

48f0764c-0c36-4389-bb5c-a48f07276134.pngThanks for reading, everyone. Check out some of our interesting articles, policy team news, and videos below.


Jared Cates, CFSA Community Mobilizer

PS – Action Alert! Tell the USDA to publish a final rule on the Origin of Dairy Livestock rule. We need USDA to restore fairness for organic dairy producers and close loopholes in the organic regulations.

The Origin of Livestock rule applies specifically to organic dairy producers, but all organic stakeholders have an interest in ensuring that USDA rulemaking respects the public-private partnership that makes organic unique and ensures the seal can continue to earn consumer trust. Check out the National Organic Coalition’s website for more information on how to take action. Please submit your comments by the Dec. 2 deadline!